How Consignment Works

"How do you price my items?"
Consignment is a partnership, and The Missing Piece® strives to get you the highest possible price for your merchandise. However, it is in everyone's best interest to price items at a fair market value that will realistically sell within 30 days. When all is said and done, it is market response to an item that truly "sets the price."  If an item doesn't sell within 30 days, it will be reduced by 15%. After 60 days, the item will be reduced by  30%.
After 90 days, the item will be reduced up to 50% of its lowest price. *However, any item priced at $75 or less on the 90th day will automatically be donated to charity, and you'll receive a blank tax receipt.

"How long is the consignment period?"
The consignment period is 110 days *except as noted above.  Should an item of more than $75 not be sold at the end of 110 days, we will donate it to charity and give you the blank tax receipt. 

"When do I get paid and how much?"
You receive 50% of the agreed-upon selling price; The Missing Piece® does all the work. Best of all, your proceeds are automatically mailed to you on the 10th of each month for the previous month’s sales. To check and see what has sold, click the link at the top of this page Check Consigned Pieces, enter your state, chose the Tampa or the Clearwater location, your consignor ID and last name.

"Will you pick up my furniture?"
Yes, your pickup will be handled by a licensed, bonded moving company. There is a fee for pickup based on your proximity to the store and the number of items being picked up. All of these fees will be discussed and confirmed at the time the pick up is set. Pick-ups usually can happen within 1-4 days of calling.

1. Click here to view our pickup fee policies
2. Click here to estimate the pickup fee for your zip code

"May I bring my furniture to you?"
We accept drop-offs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday by appointment at the Tampa location. We accept drop-offs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday by appointment at the Palm Harbor location. Please bring in your quote. The quote is what you receive when you show us pictures and give us the history of your items via our website. To schedule, please call (813) 805-2696 for Tampa and (727) 726-2100 for Clearwater.

"What Type of Furniture Do You Consign?"
We take gently, and lovingly used pieces of furniture and accessories. But here is what we do not want. Feel free to sing along…..

“Cat’s in the Cradle” Upholstery that is ripped, dirty, scratched, and/or has any animal hair on it.  (If movers take an upholstered piece that needs cleaning and we agree to do so there will be a cleaning fee + a 25% surcharge.)

“Stuck Like Glue”Furniture that has been broken and re-glued, unless done by a professional.

“I Fall to PiecesParticle board furniture that has started to come apart and/or chip.

“Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (and Your Fabric)”Furniture with cooking odors or smokesmells---believe me, it won't come out! 

“The Damage is Done” Furniture with water damage, loose veneer, deep scratches/ gouges, extensive scratches, discolorations, sun-fading, table leaves that aren't the same color as the table top, etc.

“Sweet Dreams, Baby”  Beds with missing rails and/or hardware, headboards without a frame, beds with broken parts of any type, or beds that have been modified.  We also cannot accept mattresses and box springs except in the case of futons and sleeper sofas.

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When will you hear back?
For quotes submitted Sunday-Friday before noon, you will hear back within 48 hours.  For quotes submitted Friday-Saturday, you will hear back Monday.