Delivery Services

Professional Delivery Services

To protect your furniture investment, The Missing Piece® advises the use of experienced professionals for delivery. We have contracted with Shawn & Shawn Moving, Inc. to provide licensed and bonded services to our customers.

We are very respectful of your time. We not only schedule delivery within a specific time period, we can call you with a thirty minute advance notice of arrival. A reminder call is placed the day prior to delivery.

Picking Up Your Furniture for Consignment

There is a charge for pickup based on your proximity to the store, difficulty of the pickup (stairs, tight turns, heavy pieces) and the number of movers required.

If you have the delivery service pick up more than one item the charge is deducted from the sale of your furniture. If your pieces don't sell (which is very rare), you will pay the fee at the end of the consignment period. If you have scheduled a pickup of just 1 item, you will pay the fee up front when you schedule the pickup. In the event the furniture is refused (not picked up) due to conditions which make it unsalable such as dirty, broken, etc., pickup fees still apply and will be collected as described above.

If you opt to bring your furniture to The Missing Piece®, there are professional movers to assist you. We accept scheduled drop-offs on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If you choose to drop off, you need a quote from us and a scheduled appointment so you don't have to wait long periods of time.

Delivering Furniture You Have Purchased

There is a charge for delivery; the fee includes two professional movers bringing the furniture to your home, taking it up one flight of stairs (if applicable), and placing it in a vacant spot where you want it… once. For heavy and/or large furniture involving stairs or tight spots, you will need four movers for an additional $65.

If doors, moldings, banisters, etc. need to be removed to accommodate furniture delivery and placement, you will need to have this work done prior to delivery.

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